Forget Me Not

Posted by Linda Handzel

"…I will not forget you.”
Isaiah 49: 15 ESV

Sometime between the accident that killed my husband and the day of his funeral I wandered out to check the mail, and there on the ground beneath the mailbox was a clump of flowers with the roots attached. Tiny blue blossoms adorned dainty stems in delicate beauty that I had never seen before. They were wrapped carefully with a plastic bag around the bottom, as if to be kept safe for re-planting. There was no note or other evidence of where they came from.

I hastily dug a crude hole in my flower garden, stuck the roots into the ground, and pressed the dirt around them. I was in no mood for gardening, and planted the flowers only because I didn’t want to waste them. Later that summer I noticed that even though the blossoms had died off, the plants had taken root, and were flourishing. A friend told me the mysterious flowers were called Forget Me Nots. The next spring they came back, and comforted us with soft blue blooms while we struggled through the first anniversary of Michael’s death. Since then they have spread, and I’ve given some away, or transplanted some to other spots. But always a clump of blue appears in the same place I put it in 2007.

Forget Me Not. I have never discovered who left those lovely, little flowers beneath my mailbox, but they are here to remind me every year on that fateful anniversary. While they remind me of my husband, they also remind me of all God has done since that day. He carried me through the early years of heart breaking trauma, and faithfully accompanied me through the many changes that Michael’s absence has brought. 

Forget Me Not. I’m thankful for the little bunch of flowers I found that day beneath my mailbox. A clump of flowers that comes back every year to remind me that God never makes mistakes. He is always the same, giving me strength through the darkest day, and the longest night. In one second on May 25, 2007 my life changed forever, but God has not changed. He has proven Himself faithful, gently drawing me closer to His chest. I’m enveloped in His love, and always secure in His care.


Forget Me Not. Those mysterious flowers remind me never to forget.


“What a precious thought! I had not considered before that these lovely little flowers are a delicate, but bold and enduring reminder of God's love, and that He never leaves me or forgets me. My Forget Me Nots also freely reproduce throughout my yard. May my life also spread the love of God and His promise never to abandon me. He walks beside me in all my problems in life.”


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