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Linda’s inspirational thoughts and real-life anecdotes tell of God’s loving care through thick and thin. You will laugh, you might cry, but most of all you will be encouraged knowing that He has everything under control.


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Life and Death

Posted on 09/21/2017

I am writing this post on September 20, which is a day of reflection for me because it is my older brother Floyd’s birthday. Next month Floyd will have been in Heaven for two years and I miss him terribly.

When my husband died Floyd stepped up and held my hand through thick and thin. When he couldn’t visit me he called, prayed for and supported me in every way possible.

Leave A Trail

Posted on 09/05/2017

What if every prayer we prayed was answered exactly the way we requested? What if every person with a day off enjoyed sunny weather and every farmer received the perfect amount of rain? (Now there’s a quandary.)

What if every trip was safe, no children were ever hurt, and every person was healed from their disease, just like we prayed?...

A Closed Window and An Open Door

Posted on 08/29/2017

I couldn’t bear the thought that I might never see her again, yet the stark reality was that my precious friend was dying of cancer, and only the closest family members were allowed to visit her. I was beyond myself with a sense of loss—loss in the present, and loss to come.

I tried to think of ways I could show up even though I wasn’t welcome, but soon realized that behaving like that would only make things harder for my friends’ family. With hot tears of disappointment I resigned myself to the heart-breaking situation...


Posted on 07/06/2017

I can still see his face wrinkled in disdain as he mocked me—he used my last name to create an unkind rhyme, which he chanted over and over in front of our 2nd grade school mates. I still remember his name and I have forgiven him.

I wore eyeglasses at a time when few others wore them. Schoolmates called me ‘four-eyes’, but I couldn’t see without the glasses, so I chose clear vision and endured the taunting...

No More Night

Posted on 07/13/2017

She had been through eighteen months of cancer treatments and was declared cancer free. But after a few short months the cancer was back with a vengeance.

Her children were five and eight years old and my heart was paralyzed in the tight grip of fear. What if my brother lost his high school sweetheart and had to raise their broken hearted children alone?

The Answer to My Prayers

Posted on 07/18/2017

When Michael and I started dating I decided early in our relationship if we got married and had a son I wanted to name the baby after his father.

We did get married, and we did have children—two beautiful girls. I wanted a son next, and read a book about choosing the sex of our child. I took my temperature and studied hormonal charts with intense interest...

She Was Sick

Posted on 07/27/2017

Her heart was beating so fast the nurse couldn’t count her pulse. Our four-year-old daughter mumbled incoherently while the medical staff raced to set up an IV. We watched as her arms and legs broke into hives, causing her to scratch incessantly. Stephanie was going from bad to worse right before our eyes.

It was Monday night, and Stephanie had been vomiting at home for more than twelve hours. Earlier that day our pediatrician had prescribed an oral anti-vomiting medicine...

He Was Ahead of Me

Posted on 08/10/2017

Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10

It’s a twenty-six foot travel trailer that has been perfect for our family, but I decided earlier this year to sell it. I’m only using it once a year, and I discovered there are other camping services available at the annual family destination. So I planned to use it one more time, then sell it...

Wet Trash

Posted on 08/15/2017

May, 2011. It has been pouring for over a week, but the trash is piling up, and is bugging me. Ben and I have to get our teeth cleaned, so we will leave early and take a load to the dump before we go to the dentist’s office. We have another appointment after the ‘tooth cleaning’, so we will use the time in between to buy groceries. There, that is a nice, little plan isn’t it?

The Accident

Posted on 05/25/2017

The weather was unusually warm on Friday, May 25th, 2007. I opened all the windows in the house, and thought about how warm the church building would be for the Patriotic Program that night. Our ten year old son, Benjamin had been practicing with the Christian School, and would be...

I Call Her Mum

Posted on 05/18/2017

My mother was nineteen years old the first time that Mum and I met, but I don’t remember the events of that day. (By the time Mum turned twenty-one she had already given birth to three children, and fifty-nine years later shes still married to our Dad.)...

Forget Me Not

Posted on 06/01/2017

Sometime between the accident that killed my husband and the day of his funeral I wandered out to check the mail, and there on the ground beneath the mailbox was a clump of flowers with the roots attached...


Posted on 06/06/2017

Early one Saturday morning I was on my way to speak at a Ladies Conference, and decided to stop for a cup of coffee to ward off my sleepiness. I knew there was a gas station that served coffee a few miles ahead...

The Anniversary

Posted on 06/13/2017

June 11, 1983 is a date that will never go unnoticed in our family, because that was the day Michael and I got married. Today someone asked if this is a sad day for me. The answer is yes. And no.


Posted on 06/29/2017

I am thankful for ten years of God’s unfailing help. Ten years of lessons learned, prayers answered and daily Divine guidance...


Psalm 23:4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.

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