The Promise

"When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through the fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you." Isaiah 43:2

This is the first time I have blogged this year because many things have happened in the last couple of months to keep me busy:

* I contracted a humdinger of a sinus infection in the middle of December that lasted through Christmas.

*Just as I was starting to feel better from the sinus infection I acquired a case of food poisoning that demanded my undivided attention.

*My digestive system had finally quit reeling when on January 4th Maine got it's first big snowstorm of the year. It snowed for twenty-four hours, leaving my area with twelve inches of white beauty...

*That same day we woke up to the sound of water dripping out of the living room light fixture. Maine had experienced a record forty-year cold spell and a pipe had frozen in my home. Pipes don't leak while they are frozen, but that one had thawed over night because of the warmer temperatures that preceded the storm.

My brother is a furnace man and via FaceTime he helped me shut off the right valves in the cellar that controlled the water flowing into the second floor which was making it's way back onto the first floor.

While I was waiting for the pipe to be replaced I used two wood stoves to stay warm and cozy.

A few days after the storm my son replaced the broken pipe and we tried to refill the system, but to no avail. My brother found the culprit: A broken valve that was only allowing a tiny trickle of water into the system. If that valve had been working correctly the water coming through the broken pipe wouldn't have dripped into my ceiling and onto the floor, it would have poured!

Although the ceiling required repairs I didn't have to repair the living room floor. Yes, I had some water damage, but I was safe and warm during the snow storm.

That first night while the wind blew drifting snow I sat on my couch listening to water plop on to towels and into buckets all around me. Apparently it takes a long time for water to find its way through all the crevices in a ceiling. With each drip and plop I gave thanks to Almighty God that my house was still standing. It hadn't floated away in a hurricane, hadn't been destroyed in a wild fire and wasn't missing as the result of a tornado.

A carpenter came last week to remove part of my living room ceiling and replace it. When he pulled down the insulation it dripped more water out onto the floor. I can't imagine how bad the damage would have been if my leaky pipe had been receiving the correct amount of water from the system below.

I'm thankful that God promises to help us through our problems, both great and small. Compared to some of life's challenges, this was a small one. The ceiling and insulation have been replaced, the mudding, sanding and painting is finished and I have almost everything back into place in the living room. Was it an inconvenience? Yes. Was it a catastrophic loss? No.

I have had a very eventful Christmas and New Year, but God has not left me, and I have never questioned His presence.

He promises to take care of us through thick and thin. In my lifetime I have been through a lot of thick and thin and it's true, God keeps His promises!

Enjoy this Music Video from The Martins. It really speaks of God's Promises and Strength during difficult times.

Happy New Year!

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Praise God that you are feeling better and that all these circumstances didn't happen at once! Thank God for family in times of need!

Thanks for the Martin's video - it was so beautiful and spoke to my heart.


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