The Power

“For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever.” Matthew 6:13

On a cold December evening three decades ago our Sunday evening service was filled with people testifying of God’s power and goodness. One person after another stood to tell stories of God’s amazing care and miracle-working power.

One woman gave thanks that she had to replace the driver’s side door on her car. Earlier that year her two-year old nephew had climbed into her SUV while it was parked on a hill at the family lake-side camp. Somehow the boy had managed to get the gearshift out of park and the vehicle started rolling silently downhill toward the water. However, since the driver’s side door was still open, it caught on a tree and prevented the SUV from rolling into the water. That woman was giving thanks for the power of God that saved her nephew’s life. 

That night I was struck anew with God’s greatness and silently uttered a simple prayer: “Lord, show me your power.” That was it, nothing more and nothing less.


Monday morning I prepared to work on a Christmas Tree skirt that was spread out on the tile floor in the center of my sewing room. Our baby girl Sarah was almost five months old and liked to be near me while I sewed. As I laid her on the floor I realized my scissors were in the kitchen and went to get them. I was barely into the kitchen when a heavy crashing sound came from the sewing room. Sarah let out a terrified scream and started crying uncontrollably. With my heart racing I ran back to the room, wondering what could possibly have made such a thunderous noise. Coming around the corner I was horrified to see Sarah lying in a sea of broken glass. A thick glass globe attached to the ceiling light had fallen to the floor, landing on the fabric beside Sarah, smashing into a thousand tiny pieces.


Tiptoeing through the glass toward her I was hesitant to touch my screaming baby, afraid I might push a piece of glass into her skin. Despite her desperate wails, I didn’t pick her up until I had checked her thoroughly, looking for blood soaking her clothes or oozing from her head and arms. Glass crunched under my shoes as I made my way out of the room, holding Sarah’s trembling body away from me, still afraid I would cut her with an unseen piece of glass.As Ichanged her clothes I marveled in disbelief that there weren’t any shards of glass. How did that happen, why wasn’t she covered in blood and glass?


After Sarah was calm I settled her into another room and went back to survey the damage. Broken glass covered everything in the room–the spare bed, the sewing table, the sewing on the floor, everything. There was glass in every corner of the room…… except……From the spot where Sarah had been lying and extending out like a ray of light to the wall, the floor was perfectly clean. The globe had landed only a foot or so from Sarah. She should have been covered in glass, even cut badly with the broken shards.But instead God had put His hand by her body so the shards could not hit her, and because they didn’t fly in that direction the area behind her was clean all the way to the wall.


I was also protected. The heavy globe could have landed on my head, neck or back as I leaned over the sewing. Or it could have broken beside me, cutting both of us badly. But none of that happened.


It took me hours to clean up the glass that day. I even found it under thesewing table and under the bed. For weeks I found more glass every time I cleaned that room.


Why wasn’t I on the floor sewing when that globe dropped? Why wasn’t Sarah injured in any way, even though she was by the spot where the globe landed? God answered the simple prayer I had whispered the night before: “Lord, show me your power.” He had shown me His power in a life-saving way. We were protected by The Power of Almighty God.

"Great is our Lord, and mighty in power;"

Psalm 47:5


Sarah has grown up to be a lovely woman, happily married to the love of her life. She enjoys photography and the lovely image attached to this blog is one of her favorite shots.

My husband and I had three more children, and many more times God’s unlimited power has protected our family.

Oh, how I thank God for The Power—The Power that is His, and His alone.

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“That is a beautiful testimony!”

"Yes, Yes, Yes!! Our God is so faithful. He does hear us and He does answer our prayers. He does come to us and show us His glory. I am encouraged by this witness. I thank Him for just BEING. The I AM. Thank you, Linda."


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