Life and Death

Posted by Linda Handzel

I am writing this post on September 20, which is a day of reflection for me because it is my older brother Floyd’s birthday. Next month Floyd will have been in Heaven for two years and I miss him terribly.

When my husband died Floyd stepped up and held my hand through thick and thin. When he couldn’t visit me he called, prayed for and supported me in every way possible.

It occurred to me that some people resent death. Yet if we think about it, death is an inevitable part of life. The statistics are in: Everyone dies.

God ordained both life and death. He orchestrates the moment of birth as much as he orchestrates the moment of death. How can I possibly praise God for a baby’s first cry, but resent God for a man’s last breath?

I can’t resent the day my husband was killed, because I don’t resent the day he was born. Our marriage gave us four wonderful children, and (so far) five delightful grandchildren. These people are an integral part of my life, and I can’t imagine living without them. 

I can’t resent the day Floyd died of cancer, because I don’t resent the day he was born. My life would have been so different without his teasing and sarcastic jokes in our childhood, then his unfailing support and brotherly love in adulthood.

I’m going to thank God for all He has given me: the good, the hard and the ugly. When we get to heaven we will understand His perfect plan!

In the meantime, I thank God for the day my brother was born.


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"WOW! A wonderful perspective of which I'd never ever considered......and it makes perfect sense in the way you so beautifully described! Short, sweet, and to the point......but the few words do continue to how we accept God's perfect plan. God is always just, is always good, is always loving.......and so much more!.......and so much more!......and so much more!!!

Thank you Linda for allowing Floyd's life to continue ministering the blessing of the Lord to us all! Selah and Amen!!!


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