Leave a Trail

Posted by Linda Handzel

What if every prayer we prayed was answered exactly the way we requested? What if every person with a day off enjoyed sunny weather and every farmer received the perfect amount of rain? (Now there’s a quandary.)

What if every trip was safe, no children were ever hurt, and every person was healed from their disease, just like we prayed?

Where would the grace be? Would we trust God in hard times? Or would we just shrug, make our request and walk away, knowing that soon our petition would be granted?

What if we didn’t get the stuff we asked for, but through some incredible sixth-sense we knew why? We would mourn at the loss of a sick relative, but could smile through the tears, because we understood the reason behind God’s timing. If we lived life like that, where would the trust be?

We pray for the sick to be healed, the hurt to be made whole, and for the young to live long. Often our prayers are answered with a ‘yes’, but we don’t always get what we want, do we?

I suggest that God gets more long-term glory from the person who keeps on trusting Him, even when their prayers aren’t answered with a ‘yes’.

When we cry, but believe, 

When we sigh, but trust, 

When we fail, but don’t quit…

We show strength that isn’t ours.

We offer hope in the midst of horror, 

We light the way for those coming behind us.

So the next time your prayer isn’t answered the way you asked, consider who is watching your reaction. Consider what they will look like when they respond to disappointment the way you did. Then ask yourself if you are leaving a trail lit with hope for others to follow. A trail that teaches trust.


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